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Zippy Yonyx is an extension of the Yoamiwaii network as a business based on Etsy. Zippy Yonyx is a small business based around the creation of fun and geeky handmade goods, including accessories, bags, jewellery and much, much more! Eventually there will a shop running through this website, though this is a work in progress - we're not certain when this will eventually be sorted as we have a lot of work going on currently. To find our Etsy shop, please visit here: Zippy Yonyx.


Zippy Yonyx also trades at comic conventions, selling an even wider range of goods. Please check the box below to see what conventions in the UK we will be in attendance at. There will also be a list of potential unconfirmed conventions listed to give a guide to the conventions we are hoping to make it to throughout the year.


You can now find Zippy Yonyx on its own Facebook page. Just head on over to find out info on upcoming projects, works in progress and trading event posts: Zippy Yonyx Facebook

Zippy Yonyx UK Convention Trading Calendar 2021: -


Unfortunately due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we will not be trading for the foreseeable future. We cannot say when we will return - we are hoping late 2021, but it could easily be early 2022 at this point. We hope you will all remain save and take precautions during this continuing uncertain times.



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