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By Yoamiwaii, Oct 31 2017 09:00AM

[Article By: Amiwaii]

Spanning over two decades, the Resident Evil saga has been a terrifying journey through viral-born zombie nightmare. Players have controlled beleaguered survivors, with only their sheer will and meagre ammo as their crutches of survival. Threats don’t always come in the likeliest of forms, but whatever the challenge, it has been faced with whatever determination that can be mustered. The horror may have grown to an incredulous scale as the series has progressed, pretty much touching all corners of the planet; but the true catalyst or all the terror that has ensued started simply within a lonely mansion in the woods.

So, let’s go to that mansion, right back to the beginning, to where a legacy of evil was born.

Welcome to the world of survival horror. Good luck.

By Yoamiwaii, Sep 1 2017 01:15AM

[ARTICLE BY: Amiwaii]

Nostalgia draws me back to the early 2000’s; to a PlayStation 2 game that aimed to be a cinematic experience within a strategic RPG set up. Kessen 2 was certainly very far flung from anything I’d ever played before when I picked it up a couple of years after its release. It was thanks to the Dynasty Warriors that I was originally inspired to pick up Kessen 2. Both produced by Koei, Kessen 2 used the same backdrop of the famous Chinese work Romance of the Three Kingdoms, though it did so in an extremely unique way with eccentricity in its design and passion within its story. In Kessen 2, war is waged by the two leading factions for very different goals. One seeks power, the other is driven by love. Kessen – translating as decisive battle – is all about putting you in the hot seat when handling the strategic matters of war. How you handle your army could be the deciding factor between victory and defeat.

By Yoamiwaii, Apr 11 2017 10:00AM

[ARTICLE BY: Amiwaii]

The call of the wild is once again summoning beast fighters into battle, and the fur is well and truly going to fly in this much fiercer sequel. Expect the battlefield to get a little bit hairy.

Let’s continue on in this 20th Anniversary year of the franchise to delve into the next game in the series. It was in the wake of the first Bloody Roar’s success Hudson Soft began work with developer Raizing (Eighting/8ing) to produce a worthy follow up, which would be released on the PlayStation 1 in 1999 as Bloody Roar 2: Bringer of the New Age (or alternatively subtitled The New Breed in North America). The second game wholeheartedly ramps up what the first game brought to the table and improves upon the overall gameplay experience.

The story of the sequel takes place five years after the first game, which establishes that thanks to the efforts of Yugo, Gado and the others, the company Tyron (a.k.a. Tylon in the English version of the game – which I shall use in this review) is brought down, but as a result the existence of the Zoanthropes is revealed to the world, bringing forth persecution from humankind. Some Zoanthropes – in an attempt to protect themselves from the bigotry of humans – are drawn as followers of a new underground group known as the ZLF (Zoanthrope Liberation Front), who claim to stand up and fight for the good of their kind. Though, in reality – something that people learn too late – the ZLF are actually a terrorist organisation who wants to crush the humans with Zoanthrope domination. Despite viewing Zoanthropes as superior, they show equal disdain to any of their fellow Zoanthropes showing sympathy towards humans, and go as far as violence or kidnapping their brethren for malicious intent. Stepping into the fray, a group of Zoanthropes – heroes of old joined by new blood – join the battle, all drawn by their own motivations to stop the ZLF and attempt to restore peace and stability between the two species.

By Yoamiwaii, Apr 8 2017 08:00AM

[Article by: Amiwaii]

Game development isn’t a straight forward process, not by a long shot. Going from the drawing board to releasing a completed title can be a rollercoaster ride that can be up one minute and down the next. How a game may have been conceptualised in the beginning isn’t strictly how it will turn out at the end of the process. It might start out in one form but then transform into something else due to technical problems or creative deviations. In the case of Resident Evil 1.5 – which was supposed to be the Resident Evil 2 we were due to get in 1997, the rollercoaster cars pretty much careened off the tracks when everything Capcom created – which has been said to have been about 70-80% of a completed game – was tossed out of the window; after which, they started again, delaying the game for nearly a year before its final release.

Resident Evil 1.5 wasn’t all that far flung from what we eventually got as retail Resident Evil 2. It was still set in Raccoon City with a portion of the game based at the police station before leaving by the sewers to eventually end up at Umbrella’s underground laboratory; but there were certainly things like the design and particular elements of progression that definitely set 1.5 apart from 2, amongst other changes. 1.5 was the ‘what might have been’ scenario that has become something of a cult topic in Resident Evil circles ever since it was canned. Because there was so much aesthetically and mechanically different that set it apart from the retail release, it has remained a fascinating subject that has been latched onto by curious fans all these years after.

By Yoamiwaii, Mar 28 2017 10:00AM

[Article by: Amiwaii]

Standing on the battlefield in ancient China – one warrior against thousands – the path to victory is carved with legendary skill and almost supernatural ability. In a fantastical retelling of the Three Kingdoms conflict of 3rd century China, Dynasty Warriors is video game that lets you take control of one of a huge cast of characters – be it man or woman, bestowed with extraordinary might and fortitude to plough down the enemy in their path. In a flurry of hack and slash mayhem, you wage war with the goal to finally unite the land as one in peace.

Here I invite you on a journey to delve into the heart of Dynasty Warriors as I take an analytical look at the many different aspects of the franchise from the direction, to the characters, and to the expectations for the future of the series. Here in Part One, we will look at a general overview of the franchise and how it has progressed or even regressed over the years, and what this has meant for the series.

So, what is the series all about? How did it all come to be?

Dynasty Warriors is the creation of Koei (Now Koei-Tecmo) with developer Omega Force and first started out life on the PlayStation 1 as a one-on-one fighting game before becoming the hack and slash incarnation it’s prevalently know for when it hit the PlayStation 2. Though technically, the first Dynasty Warriors in the west was actually a standalone title in Japan known as Sangokumusou, so what came out as Dynasty Warriors 2 in the west was in fact a spin off from the PlayStation 1 game in Japan, titled Shin Sangokumusou. Thus the numbers between the Western titles and Japanese titles are known to differ because of this – e.g. Dynasty Warriors 3 = Shin Sangokumusou 2 etc..


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