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By Yoamiwaii, Jan 29 2020 03:30AM

[Article By: Amiwaii]

It’s been a long time coming, but let’s plough on with my next TUGS episode review, this time focusing on the episode, ‘Pirate’.

As with all these reviews, please be aware that the article does contain profanity and other content not suitable for a younger audience. Readers discretion is advised. Oh, and full on spoilers. Mustn’t forget those!

In this week’s episode, there be pirates, matey! Well, in a show about boats, there had to at least be one episode about pirates! Oh yeah, and Ten Cents ends up at the centre of a stolen barge debacle, which needless to say, pisses him off quite a bit. Pirate chasing, ahoy!

By Yoamiwaii, Mar 5 2018 01:00AM

[Article By: Amiwaii]

Hit the rewind button to nostalgia as we dive into the first of my episode reviews for TUGS television series.

Let’s settle in for some ‘comfort viewing’ reviews of a piece of my childhood, which I’ll probably quickly ruin with my bizarre sense of humour and copious amounts of profanity (I swear, there will be meaningful, thought-provoking content in here somewhere!). It might be a kids show, but it’s far from kid friendly material compiled here. Reader discretion is advised.

By Yoamiwaii, Jan 18 2018 02:46AM

[ARTICLE BY: Amiwaii]

Rewinding to the 1980’s, an era that was showing leaps and bounds with practical effects in television and film. It’s a time prior to the advent of CGI as a constant medium on our screens, but as the technology vastly improved, it proved to be a cheaper and less restrictive way of creating intricate shows. During this decade of excessive synthesizer usage and shoulder pads, came Thomas the Tank Engine, an adaptation of Reverend W. Awdry’s series of books, depicting the adventures on-screen of anthropomorphic model trains in their everyday lives. Stepping out from the success of Thomas came two creative minds who had worked on the series, Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton, the owners of Clearwater Studios. They seemed to take an iota of inspiration from their time on the show to throw themselves into creating an even more elaborate project with its own particular style and appeal.

Thus, the rail tracks were tossed aside, and in its place, a huge water tank took centre stage, in what was a whole different vision in itself, with stories that involved more grit and character depth, and copious amounts of beautifully detailed model work.

This… is TUGS!

By Yoamiwaii, Feb 25 2017 09:00AM

[ARTICLE BY: Amiwaii]

The first I really heard about virtual reality becoming an aspect of gaming was at EGX 2015 when I sat in on a talk that addressed the prospects of what virtual reality gaming held, especially for indie gaming developers. They discussed what the style of gaming could do for our experiences of gaming in general, and how it could completely revolutionise the way we think about gaming classifications – like say, a horror game playable via a VR headset could end up being a much more terrifying sensory experience that could bump up the PEGI rating compared to a non-VR version. It was definitely a fascinating subject to delve into, particularly with how such equipment could increase our immersion in gaming and how that would affect us compared to just sitting with a controller and staring at a screen.

The first time I heard about VR itself was probably through VR Troopers (if anyone remembers that show – an offshoot of Power Rangers is how to describe it if you have no idea what I’m talking about), and that probably wasn’t exactly a perfect example of virtual reality. Virtual reality was always a very science fiction concept that would seemingly allow us to step out of our own reality via some form of technology and into an augmented space that could depict anywhere we wanted, and all without leaving the confines of our home.

With the recent release of Resident Evil 7, which has been a pin up for the whole VR experience, it has brought to the forefront of my mind what VR could possibly do for us down the line – maybe not just for gaming, but for use in other ways. Though it also brought along some cynicism about whether or not VR is just going to end up confined to the history textbooks.


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