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By Yoamiwaii, Jan 18 2018 10:47PM

I hope everyone has been having a splendid 2018 so far! With a new year, comes a new focus, and I have decided to completely overhaul the site design wise and the core purpose!

Mainly the focus will be on reviews and articles as and when, discussing numerous topics. Secondary on that front is convention coverage, though most of this will be done through photos taken at the events. You can check out out Facebook for most of the photos.

It's undecided yet whether the photo gallery showcase on the site will remain, but this is something that will be considered in more detail down the line.

A shop will be opening up later on this year in regards to a sister venture in geeky merchandise production. More news on this when this is due to happen!

There is so much more to look forward to with this coming year as the site establishes a more firm identity, look and purpose. I hope you will enjoy the changes!

By Yoamiwaii, Jan 27 2017 06:55PM

As the site starts to kick into gear, I just wanted to lay out what to expect content-wise with updates, which will mostly be focusing on written articles and reviews.

These will include: -

* Retro reviews from movies, video games, anime etc...

* Some modern/current reviews from movies, video games, anime etc...

* Suggested media from readers for reviewing things I may have missed, as I never keep up with anything. This may include collaborated reviews as well.

* UK Anime/Comic convention coverage articles which will focus on event experiences, activities, Cosplay, and the all-round culture involved with such occasions. Some highlighted photography will appear in the photo gallery, though all photos will be guaranteed to be on the Facebook page.

* There will be articles discussing a range of cultural topics, including theatre, travel and others.

* There will be guest writers who will submitting articles on a range of geek media not covered by the site itself. We are very open to working with other outlets to create collaborative projects.

Hopefully an active schedule can be put in place to keep content fairly regular with content. The site itself will have ongoing improvements for a while to settle on a suitable set up and theme, though this shouldn't cause too many problems while continuing to post content. While very minimal at the moment, it's likely that it will expand into new areas in due course. All updates will be posted here or on the Facebook page, which should be kept fairly regulated with convention photography and other shared media.

Though I have writing experience from other ventures, this is a whole new adventure, which I hope will be fruitful. I'm excited to work with other writers, photographers and the cosplay community. I want to celebrate geek culture and share appreciation with fellow writers and artists.

Let's get this show on the road!

~ Amiwaii


  • Some content may contain language not suitable for younger readers. However, all event/convention articles are moderated to contain material suitable for all audiences. Readers discretion is advised in relation to all site content posted by the site administration, including any guest material.

  • Please be aware that reviews of games/movies etc... will contain unmarked spoilers within the content.

  • All comments are appreciated, and we welcome discussion/debate either positive or negative, though please refrain from making vulgar comments directed at the writer, inciting hate speech or discriminatory remarks.



Welcome! You can find all sorts of written works in this section, which will include the following: -


  • Reviews for Video Games, Tabletop Games, Television, Film, Books, Theatre and Comics.

  • UK Comic/Anime Convention Coverage articles.

  • In-depth discussions on a wide range of geek media, plus technology, culture and social topics.

  • Interviews and homage articles to artisans, cosplayers and photographers.

  • Helpful guides/tips on an array of geeky subjects.


Most of the articles are written by Yoamiwaii staff, though there will also be guest works included every now and again. If you do want to write as a guest, please let us know through the contact page.


If you want to locate similiar articles on the site, click on the titles the article is filled under to take you to other potential articles.


Articles are not currently under a specific schedule of release and will appear on the site periodically. Please keep checking back for the latest articles!


We hope you enjoy the content!