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By Yoamiwaii, Mar 4 2017 11:00AM

[ARTICLE BY: Amiwaii]

The topic of remakes is one that crops up every now and again in internet discussion, though fairly often I see the topic come up for video games that were both commercial successes and critically acclaimed at the time of their release. But why are people asking for games that were lucrative hits to be remade? It is a baffling subject that I want to delve into.

To start off with, one particular item I notice that comes up in the clamour for a remake points towards the graphics. This reason alone tends to get my proverbial hackles up. Are the graphics the most important thing to people about their gaming experience? A game’s worth should not be decided by visuals alone. It makes me sad to think that a game’s appreciation is lost just for something so – dare I say – fickle in the scheme of things. Presentation should be a bonus on top of good gaming mechanics and solid immersion from a challenge – or even an in-game story if there is one. Though I’m sure the outcry for a ‘prettier’ graphics isn’t always at the foremost of many people’s wants for a remake, it does seem to be high up on list in some cases.

On the other side of the remake discussion, there are also people who ask for remakes because they feel that with the limitations of past consoles may have held the game back on some levels, and that now is a more opportune time to expand and advance certain elements of the games to create a deeper immersive experience so they can get more out of a game they have deep love for. This is not to say people are disrespecting the original product; it’s just that they loved it so much they can still see more potential for it. There might have been things the developers had talked about implementing in the original that they never managed to get around to doing due to time and/or the limits of technology, things that fans desperately wish to see make it into a refreshed version of the game.


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