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By Yoamiwaii, Jan 17 2019 10:54PM

[Article by: Amiwaii]

We’re drawing ever closer to the highly anticipated release day of the Resident Evil 2 remake, and as fans are soaking up all the media, trailers and the 1-shot demo, I thought I’d take a little trip back down memory lane to look at the original Resident Evil 2, and delve into some classic survival horror goodness.

Rewind twenty years to 1998, both in terms of the game’s setting and development. In the case of the latter, it wasn’t a straightforward process to build the game everyone knows and loves today. Progress to create the game ended up hitting quite the bump in the road, and what was initially shown in the press footage and a playable demo early in development was not what we got in the end. What they’d set out to do in the first instance ended up being scrapped late in the process and started from scratch with only a few elements still being utilised towards the final product, which had to have its release date delayed so they could rework the game into a state they were happy with. The scrapped version of the game was around 70-80% complete when they decided to start over – quite a brave thing to do when a lot of time and money had been committed to the project. This version is nicknamed Resident Evil 1.5. This is something I’ve already discussed before, so head on over here if you want to read more about that version of the game. Despite the fraught process to bring the game together, needless to say it was worth the extra wait, as the reception for Resident Evil 2 on release was absolutely phenomenal. It was actually one of Capcom’s bestselling games for quite a number of years after the fact.

By Yoamiwaii, Apr 8 2017 08:00AM

[Article by: Amiwaii]

Game development isn’t a straight forward process, not by a long shot. Going from the drawing board to releasing a completed title can be a rollercoaster ride that can be up one minute and down the next. How a game may have been conceptualised in the beginning isn’t strictly how it will turn out at the end of the process. It might start out in one form but then transform into something else due to technical problems or creative deviations. In the case of Resident Evil 1.5 – which was supposed to be the Resident Evil 2 we were due to get in 1997, the rollercoaster cars pretty much careened off the tracks when everything Capcom created – which has been said to have been about 70-80% of a completed game – was tossed out of the window; after which, they started again, delaying the game for nearly a year before its final release.

Resident Evil 1.5 wasn’t all that far flung from what we eventually got as retail Resident Evil 2. It was still set in Raccoon City with a portion of the game based at the police station before leaving by the sewers to eventually end up at Umbrella’s underground laboratory; but there were certainly things like the design and particular elements of progression that definitely set 1.5 apart from 2, amongst other changes. 1.5 was the ‘what might have been’ scenario that has become something of a cult topic in Resident Evil circles ever since it was canned. Because there was so much aesthetically and mechanically different that set it apart from the retail release, it has remained a fascinating subject that has been latched onto by curious fans all these years after.


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