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By Yoamiwaii, Nov 28 2017 09:00AM

[ARTICLE BY: Amiwaii]

Let’s welcome back the fighting beasts to the battlefield as they take on a whole new challenge, and a creature unlike they’ve ever faced before.

I continue on with my celebration of the 20th anniversary of Bloody Roar by ploughing on to discuss the third game in the franchise. Once again a collaborative project between publisher Hudson Soft and developer Eighting/8ing, the third instalment of the series came about during the early life of the PlayStation 2, and was a welcome jump from the PlayStation 1, with its graphics a vast improvement from its predecessors. In fact, it was a very decent looking PlayStation 2 game at the time of its release. Though, before it even hit the home consoles, it had done the rounds in the arcade scene in Japan during 2000. When it finally did arrive on the PlayStation 2 in 2001, it was during a time when there wasn’t an excessive amount of competition to contend with, so was a nice little gap filler while fighting game aficionados waited for other big name releases to hit the scene.

By Yoamiwaii, Apr 11 2017 10:00AM

[ARTICLE BY: Amiwaii]

The call of the wild is once again summoning beast fighters into battle, and the fur is well and truly going to fly in this much fiercer sequel. Expect the battlefield to get a little bit hairy.

Let’s continue on in this 20th Anniversary year of the franchise to delve into the next game in the series. It was in the wake of the first Bloody Roar’s success Hudson Soft began work with developer Raizing (Eighting/8ing) to produce a worthy follow up, which would be released on the PlayStation 1 in 1999 as Bloody Roar 2: Bringer of the New Age (or alternatively subtitled The New Breed in North America). The second game wholeheartedly ramps up what the first game brought to the table and improves upon the overall gameplay experience.

The story of the sequel takes place five years after the first game, which establishes that thanks to the efforts of Yugo, Gado and the others, the company Tyron (a.k.a. Tylon in the English version of the game – which I shall use in this review) is brought down, but as a result the existence of the Zoanthropes is revealed to the world, bringing forth persecution from humankind. Some Zoanthropes – in an attempt to protect themselves from the bigotry of humans – are drawn as followers of a new underground group known as the ZLF (Zoanthrope Liberation Front), who claim to stand up and fight for the good of their kind. Though, in reality – something that people learn too late – the ZLF are actually a terrorist organisation who wants to crush the humans with Zoanthrope domination. Despite viewing Zoanthropes as superior, they show equal disdain to any of their fellow Zoanthropes showing sympathy towards humans, and go as far as violence or kidnapping their brethren for malicious intent. Stepping into the fray, a group of Zoanthropes – heroes of old joined by new blood – join the battle, all drawn by their own motivations to stop the ZLF and attempt to restore peace and stability between the two species.

By Yoamiwaii, Mar 7 2017 11:00AM

[ARTICLE BY: Amiwaii]

'The unrelenting call of the wild courses through my body. The tremble of these fingers cannot be stopped; the real me – the façade of a man crumbles and my true self awakens with a primal scream.' ~ Opening Narrator

As I pop on my nostalgia glasses, I can’t help but think the 1990’s was a fantastic time for fighting games. There just seemed to be tons of them coming out at once over the course of the mid-to-late 90’s, some of which would go on to spawn thriving series with millions of copies sold and others that were no more than one note wonders resigned to the shadows. And then there were the series in between, the types of series that while not blossoming to the great heights of other series (like Tekken, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, and Dead or Alive for example), they managed to find a middle ground of fun and entertainment value that remained fond in the memories of all those who grew up playing them. Bloody Roar is one of those series.

With Bloody Roar hitting its 20th anniversary, I thought this would be the prime time to delve into the games that made up such a remarkable cult series, starting right back at the beginning with the very first game. So please join me as we enter the ‘Hyper Beast Duel’! Now, hit that rewind button! (Though, if you’re seeing the likes of Space Invaders coming up, then you’ve gone way too far backwards!)


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