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By Yoamiwaii, Oct 31 2017 09:00AM

[Article By: Amiwaii]

Spanning over two decades, the Resident Evil saga has been a terrifying journey through viral-born zombie nightmare. Players have controlled beleaguered survivors, with only their sheer will and meagre ammo as their crutches of survival. Threats don’t always come in the likeliest of forms, but whatever the challenge, it has been faced with whatever determination that can be mustered. The horror may have grown to an incredulous scale as the series has progressed, pretty much touching all corners of the planet; but the true catalyst or all the terror that has ensued started simply within a lonely mansion in the woods.

So, let’s go to that mansion, right back to the beginning, to where a legacy of evil was born.

Welcome to the world of survival horror. Good luck.

By Yoamiwaii, Oct 12 2017 08:00AM

[Article By: Yoamiwaii]

Without further ado, we enter round two of The Convention Primer, with more helpful tips and advisories to help you with your fun and survival!


• Convention adventures can be extremely expensive when you lay out all the costs. Accommodation, food, Cosplay (optional), photography equipment (again, optional), tickets, shopping and travel. You might be able to cut corners in some areas, like accommodation if you have very kind friends who will share for pittance or even for free (though that’s down to their discretion, so don’t assume anything!). For some, sitting down to cost out time away at a convention can be especially helpful to know ahead of time, just to know how much money will cover what and what they will have left in their pocket when it comes to the event. Spacing out buying tickets, paying for accommodation and organising cosplays (either commissioning or sorting out materials for yourself), for example, months in advance would be an advisable option. You could even cut food costs over your trip by packing foodstuffs to take with you – which might be especially helpful to anyone with dietary requirements or allergies (more on this later!).

• With so many things to do over a convention weekend, sometimes it can be hard to keep track! Making a timetable for performances, meet ups, photo opportunities etc… could help you keep on top of where you need to be and what time. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; maybe just a scrawl in a small notebook you can slip into your bag or pocket. Plans do change, so you don’t have to stick strictly to your plans, but at least you’ll have an idea of the things you’ve considered.

• Though Con-Flu is probably something to discuss after a convention is all said and done, there are some precautions beforehand you could take to try and prevent being struck down by the dreaded lurgy! Get some essential vitamins inside you for a start, like Vitamin C. There are some first defence products like nasal spray and hand foam – though their effectiveness is debatable. Or, alternatively, make sure you at least have hand sanitising gel. It might even be wise to pack some cold and flu products to take with you, just in case. And if you think you’re coming down with something and are intent on going, maybe take a face mask, which will reduce the risk of spreading the dreaded lurgy!

• One for the Cosplayers! With such intricate and sometimes even delicate costumes packed to hit the scene, make sure you have a repair kit tucked somewhere in your suitcase. Essentials are glue, needles and thread, spare buttons etc… - just in case things go wrong on the day, though you may not be able to take things like needles into the convention itself (for security reasons). Safety pins are always a life saver, so make sure you take plenty of those as well!

By Yoamiwaii, Oct 8 2017 08:00AM

[Article By: Amiwaii]

A third foray for the CGI movies series brings Leon S. Kennedy back to our screens with Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers in tow to take on more virus-born nightmares.

It’s not often you get to see these types of movies turn up at a mainstream cinema chain, so I jumped at the chance to see a limited screening run by the Showcase Cinema on 14th June 2017. Having the cinema ambience just felt like an extra treat to go along with the viewing. It wasn’t a particularly packed out showing I attended, though having only discovered it was playing almost last minute myself, maybe it was a case that many people didn’t know it was on. Aside, it was nice not to have too full a cinema; it was a very chilled out atmosphere.

By Yoamiwaii, Sep 23 2017 08:00AM

[Article By: Amiwaii]

When filmmakers hit on a good thing, you can smell the sequels coming from a mile away. It’s exciting to have the prospect of further exploration of a movie’s universe, to build it into a franchise. The depths that creative film writers can go with such ventures can spawn successes like the Star Wars saga as a prime example, which branches out to create characters and worlds that become engrained in our consciousness. Moviemakers can be the champions of imaginative material, whose creations can charm and inspire viewers for generations to come...

... Or it can be a proverbial car crash where someone forgot to attach the brake pedals to stop the franchise taking a wrong turn right off the edge of Mt. What-Were-You-Thinking?!

By Yoamiwaii, Sep 8 2017 08:00AM

[Article By: Amiwaii]

Catching up on my convention coverage from this year, I want to share with you some summarised reviews of some of the events I managed to attend. I want to consolidate my memories and highlight the things that stuck with me, just to give you a taste of these types of events. So, let’s rewind to earlier in the year, to two events during April and May respectively: EM-Con Nottingham and MCM London.


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