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What is Yoamiwaii about?


Good question, my friends! Yoamiwaii is a multipurpose creative venture that covers a number of different aspects: -


*The site is host to creating fun and indepth articles/reviews that cover a vast array of geeky or general media - the coverage can include the likes of video games, Japanese anime, UK television, movies, and much, much more! Retro media is one of the particular areas covered, as Webmaster Amiwaii is admittedly ten years behind everyone else! ^_^;


*A big area of coverage is the UK anime/geek culture/comic convention scene, which has a few focused articles. But even more so, there is plenty of photography, some of which is featured here in the convention hub, but otherwise the majority is located on our Facebook page, which works in tandem with the site to give updates for the site and share geek media. Cosplay coverage is a highlight for us, and we enjoy promoting as many cosplayers as possible!


*The site also contains information on 'Zippy Yonyx', a small trader business apart of the Yoamiwaii network. The page is still undergoing development for its own shop, but will also take you to the shop on Etsy. You'll also find information there for which geeky events Zippy Yonyx is trading at if you'd like to see their goods in the flesh!



Yoamiwaii doesn't just focus on singular projects, but enjoys working in collaboration with other writers, photographers and cosplayers to create site content, as well as a promote external pages. Our aim is to showcase many talented artists to show off entertaining, educational and creative content.


New articles come in on a varying scale, from twice a week or a fortnightly schedule depending on how busy things get! Check our Facebook for site updates and please give us a 'LIKE' if you enjoy what you read. It would also be fantastic to see you share our works with your fellow geeks! (Or even non-geeks! The content is for everyone!)


If you do have any questions, recommendations or would like to work with us etc..., head over to Facrebook or Instagram and contact us through this forms. Our contact form via the website is currently disabled until some issues are resolved.


Thank you for stopping by!


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